Multipurpose Backpack Shoulder Bag Pannier

Converting backpack and shoulder bag into bicycle pannier. Or turning bike saddle bag and handlebar bag to shoulder bag and backpack. We make bags multifunctional and multipurpose, suitable for all bike commuters.

Magnetic Locking Adaptor for Pannier

A locking adaptor made of patented magnetic snap locks mounted on virtually all rear racks. With this locking adaptor, you may place the  multipurpose pannier onto the bike in the easiest and simplest way. No tool needed.

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Fully Loaded

Check out our bike bags across the board. Multipurpose bags are built to be mountable and wearable. And there’re  multifunctional models that you can ride with to hold smartphone, tablet, laptop and stuffs.


Smartphone bag or case mounted on bike handlebar, stem or top tube.


Multipurpose bike bags made as wearable as backpack, waist bag and shoulder bag.


Bike saddle function as bike lock. You may lock the bike on different part of the bike.



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Smartphone Bike Mount Cases for Cycling

Full range of smartphone holders that are custom-made for cycling. All bags and cases are built to easy and no-tool installation on bike’s cockpit and top tube. 

For Outdoor sports


Smartphone Holders for Outdoor Sports

Complete line of smartphone armbands and packs that safely holds your smartphone when you’re out for running, cycling, water sports…and etc.

Smartphone holders designed for the use in outdoors, water sports, cycling and all leisure occassions.