What We Make

ATI CO., LTD. is founded by a group of design professionals, we position ourselves as a designer, manufacturer and inventor for smartphone accessories, especially for thee use of cycling, outdoors and water sports. Our manufacturing facilities are located in middle Taiwan, we offer one-stop manufacturing service for all kinds of soft bags and cases. We aim to make the soft bags that are built to the needs of cyclists, outdoors enthusiasts and bike commuters who do wish to carry their smartphones or tablets the mostly easy way.

What We Design

In addition to soft bags designing and manufacturing, We’re dedicated in developing smartphone mounting solution for bicycle and motorcycle application. We work together with the top engineering and designing professionals  to create smartphone hard case and proprietary mounting parts of particular use of cycling.

hardcase and mounting design for front page 2

What We Deliver

ATI is never a mass-production factory, instead, we pay meticulous attention to each product being made. In 2010, we created our own brand “Ride For More” committed to delivery premium quality, refined craftsmanship and originality to our customers. ATI’s fully skilled sewing professionals and workshop designers are the key to the delicate craftsmanship and superior fabrications delivered to each bag we made. In ATI, we do not price to sell, we price to value all details and cares to each bag and case we make.