• Anti-theft bike saddle bag with padlock and cut-resistant protection
  • Multiple locking location over the whole bike
  • Roll-top closure for large storage space
  • Lock your bike to the sidewalk poles, barriers or bicycle racks

  • This giant size bike bag is not only a saddle bag but an anti-theft bag made of cut-resistant fabric, a good blending of Kevlar®, fiber glass, and HPPE.
  • Equipped with a DIA. 10mm lock cable and a 4-digit code padlock
  • The saddle bag is with a roll-top closure covering up the cable lock, the the outer shell is made of robust Tarpaulin wrapping the cut-resistant fabric layered inside, making the bag water resistant
  • Can be used as bike lock on seat post or bike frame, it also can be used to lock the bike to the bicycle racks, sidewalk barriers or poles
  • Large storage compartment to hold all cycling essentials like helmet, bike tools, rain coat,, gloves…and etc.
  • Dimensions: 380 x 431 x 127mm

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