• Drybag holster attachment system with lacing closure
  • Use with the dry bag up to 14L
  • External protective hardshell frame with compression straps and cam buckles 
  • Fidlock® Winch magnetic lock with an adjustable fastening strap incorporating a UHMWPE cord
  • Use with anti-sway wishbone or be attached directly to the saddle rail / seat post

Are you an avid bikepacker looking for a reliable and secure way to carry your gear on your next adventure? Look no further than the OVERLAND Bikepacking Seat Pack Holster, the perfect solution for all your bikepacking needs.

This innovative product boasts a range of unique features. The proprietary lacing closure system ensures that your gear is securely fastened to your bike, even on the roughest terrain.

Moreover,  with the external protective hardshell frame and compression straps, you can rest assured that your gear is safe and sound, no matter what the trail throws your way.

The Fidlock® Winch magnetic lock is another standout feature of the OVERLAND Bikepacking Seat Pack Holster. Made from super-strong UHMWPE cord, this adjustable fastening strap provides a secure closure mechanism that can hold both small and large volume bags.

With the ability to be used with an anti-sway wishbone or attached directly to the saddle rail or seat post, this versatile product is perfect for any type of bikepacking adventure.

But what about the potential drawbacks or limitations of the OVERLAND Bikepacking Seat Pack Holster? One thing to keep in mind is that this product is designed specifically for use with the 14L KAPSULE-L drybag.