• The Smartclip is a strong and adaptable component that secures Volie® or webbing straps.
  • Holds webbing strap in place with light pressure but allows for safe release if caught
  • Won’t tangle or damage fabrics.
  • It’s easy to assemble and works with multiple passes of webbing while remaining adjustable        

Are you tired of dealing with tangled webbing and damaged fabrics? Look no further than our flexible webbing strap keeper – Smartclip – the ultimate solution for managing loose ends.

This flexible and robust component applies light pressure to securely hold strap or webbing in place, while still allowing for safe and easy pulling if it becomes caught.

Unlike elastic bands, the webbing strap keeper won’t become entangled with buckles or ladderlocs during adjustment. And you can say goodbye to the hassle of Velcro loops catching on expensive fabrics – the Smartclip is designed to keep your materials safe and damage-free.

Not only is the webbing strap keeper quick and easy to assemble, but it can also accommodate multiple passes of webbing. And don’t worry about thread – even when threaded, users can still adjust and tighten webbing with ease.

Experience the convenience and reliability of the Smartclip.